Medical Relief for Ukraine Revived Soldiers Ukraine

Revived Soldiers Ukraine

Medical Relief for Ukraine has a significant partnership with Revived Soldiers Ukraine who provide post surgical prosthetic care for both military and civilians patients. We are excited to support their new neuro trauma rehabilitation center in Lviv Ukraine.

Besides purchasing the rehabilitation equipment and ambulances mentioned above, MR4U partially paid for prostheses for 31-year-old Ukrainian soldier Evgenii Petrov, who lost limbs in August 2023 while liberating the Kharkiv region. We have also provided funds for daily operations for a Rehabilitation center in Irpin, Kyiv region, and for the brand new post prosthetics rehabilitation facility opened in December 2023 in Lviv, in western Ukraine. 

The monthly operational expenses for one of two Rehabilitation centers in Ukraine that we support, is $15,000. This amount includes salary for staff, machines, maintenance, food and accommodation for patients.  Treatment is free for the military. In April 2024 we transferred $8,600 (everything we have made for the first quarter 2024) to Lviv rehab. Let’s accumulate our efforts. Thanks to everyone who supports Ukraine.